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Here at Agriculture Mortgages, we can help your business rise to the challenges of an ever-changing UK farming industry landscape, with a wide range of bespoke commercial mortgages for agricultural land and buildings.

Whether you’re looking to pursue new revenue streams from your current farmland, or planting seeds to break into the industry for the first time, we can help you navigate the complicated world of farm property mortgage criteria and secure the best deals on the market; even if you’ve been turned down by lenders in the past.

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What is an agricultural mortgage?

An agricultural mortgage (or farm mortgage) is a highly specialised commercial mortgage built around the needs of the agricultural and rural business industries.


Most standard residential mortgage products simply aren’t suitable for purchasing country land and buildings. As well as enabling the purchase and use of properties for farming operations, agricultural mortgages typically come with far more flexible payment terms.


However, they often have more restrictive qualifying criteria, and it can be hard to find affordable deals from lenders.


Rest assured, the Agriculture Mortgages team can assist you in negotiating with lenders and securing the very best mortgage rates available for your particular circumstances.

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Are agricultural mortgages just for purchasing farm property?

Not at all! Agriculture land mortgages can also fund improvements or diversification works; such as camping/holiday home facilities, outdoor event/festival spaces, green energy sites etc.


Others use agricultural remortgaging to simply achieve a better mortgage deal on their existing property, to consolidate their existing loans, or to release equity from their existing assets (including farming machinery).


Whatever you’re looking to achieve, our team can help you secure the financing to make it happen.

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What is a rural business mortgage?

Rural business mortgages are broadly similar to agricultural mortgages, but are more geared towards non-farming country properties; such as leisure and tourism facilities.



Crucially, rural business mortgages are built around your unique business needs, structure and land, which can often differ significantly from farming businesses.



At Agriculture Mortgages, we can help you find both agricultural mortgages and rural business mortgage products at the best rates.

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Do I need a specialist lender for an agricultural mortgage?

Both high street banks and private lenders offer agriculture mortgage options. However, you’ll often find that specialised private lenders can offer better deals than high street lenders.



Isn’t it usually the other way around? Well, agriculture mortgages are generally more risky for lenders for a variety of factors. High street banks who serve larger volumes of customers generally prefer lower-risk borrowers and will price higher-risk mortgage products at higher rates to compensate.



Meanwhile, private lenders serve smaller customer numbers and can therefore be more responsive to individual borrower needs. They’re happier to take on higher-risk borrowers at lower rates as long as they meet their more specialised criteria.



It’s always best to speak to an agricultural mortgage broker – such as the team here at Agriculture Mortgages – as they’ll be able to track down the best deal for your needs from across both the private and public lender markets.

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What is an agricultural tie or Agriculture Occupancy Condition (AOC)?

Properties with agricultural ties typically cannot be occupied by anyone except those employed in the local agriculture industry. Finding AOC-friendly lenders can be tricky; but we can help!



Agricultural ties exist to help residential dwellings on agricultural land to achieve planning permission. An AOC can be great news for buyers, with less competition and discounted prices; but occupiers can be fined if they don’t meet the tie conditions, and they’re a riskier prospect for lenders (which means fewer available mortgage products and higher rates).



When you’re looking for farmland properties, be sure to check for any ties before purchasing. Our farm mortgage brokers can help you find lenders who are happy to accept AOC properties.

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